Types of Home Robots

Household robots are machines specially designed to serve people. They focus primarily on home service, maintenance, repair, travel, washing, monitoring, etc. Electrical robots, entertaining robots, chef robots, serving robots, static robots, personal Assistant robots, and humanoid robots can be categorized into groups.


If people are talking about robots, a lot of people still believe they are very far from our lives. The age of robots has now started. Including a recent study given by the United Nations, the number of home robots would grow sixfold by the end of 2007, and their prices would drop dramatically as robots are becoming more widespread.

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the Global Robot Organization have jointly developed this paper. Data shows that as of the end of 2003 607,000 household robots have joined the lives of people, 570,000 of which are vacuum cleaners and 37,000 are weeding robots.
The study just estimates that by the end of 2007 4.1 million home robots would become the best partner of human everyday life, the large proportion of which would still be provided for by automated vacuum cleaners, and the sales of window cleaning robots and swimming pool cleaning robots would continue to go up. The survey also highlighted that home robots ‘growth trend is supplementary to commercial robots’ sales.

During the same timeframe last year, the number of trades for industrial robots grew by 18 percent in the first quarter of 2004, mostly in Asia and North America. Japan is amongst them the countries with the largest level of commercial robots. Japan accounts for 340,000 of the world’s 800,000 commercial robots that can be named “robot power.” Sales in Europe and North America were closely trailing in. Robots also started to gain popularity in countries such as Brazil, China, and Mexico as prices fell rapidly, and sales soared.

After all, several technologies still constrain the production of home robots. Colin Angel, Chief Executive Officer of the home robot maker iRobot, said: “We ‘re in such a time where robot prices are slowly accepted by people, and some of them will actually complete practical work … but we’re the biggest obstacle at the moment.
Yet with technological advancement and the decrease in the price of digital goods, home robots are likely to be the dominant digital home in the future. As Angel said: “I believe and there’s every reason to suppose that each and every family would have a robot after 10 years.”

Categorization Criteria

Depending on the application range and use, there are multiple kinds of household robots.
This can be categorized into chef robots, electrical robots, entertainment robots, managing robots, personal assistant robots, and humanoid robots
stationary robots,

Electrical Appliances

They are also called app robots and are like smart household appliances. These robots are symbolic of smart vacuum cleaner robots. Their looks are like a big, floating tray. The infrared detector can prevent objects from harming them. Infrared eyes may avoid mistakes on their own. Falls down the steps. A wide class of household device robots could be used for security systems as well as cleaning. Sony’s AIBO robot dog is typical of the products. Potential customers may communicate with these robots via personal computers or mobile phones, and guide these robots to conduct home security activities via the Internet.

iRobot Vacuum Cleaner

In 2002 the American iRobot corporation introduced the iRobot robot vacuum cleaner. The iRobot robot vacuum cleaner has proprietary technology for three-stage washing, and iAdapt. It can identify the room layout manually, and schedule the cleaning route instantly. This will consume the room’s dirt, and sit up to clean the room’s pet. Space dirt such as hair, melon seed shells, and food debris may also be cleaned regularly. The iRobot vacuum cleaner could still be cleaned when the user is not at home. The iRobot is 9.2 cm tall and can clean up the garbage underneath the bed and the sofa.

Manuel Cleaning Robot

The Manuel washing robot can be defined as chic and elegant, with such a sleek and stylish design, combined with the developed-in computer system, storage feature, automated navigation system, dust-free bag, and other state-of-the-art technologies, measurements can be made in the room itself so that it can instantly clean, collect dust, wooden walls, concrete boards, tiles, walls, linoleum, and short-hair carpets can be washed effectively.

With wooden floors requiring extra care, first, use a vacuum cleaner brush to clean the floor, and use a spoon to spray water wax on the floor, then reboot the vacuum cleaner to wax the floor instantly, and you’ll be spotless and light.

The Manuel cleaning robot is quite clever and cool, it’s also the first-class cleaning influence, but it could also instantly avoid the walls and stairs by judging by infrared. It won’t fall down even if you set it down or on the stairs, but it can get into the corners of the bed, table, sofa, etc.
which are hard to clean properly, without damaging the furniture. The service is also quite user-friendly, not only can memorize the route, clean daily, but it also has a special virtual wall launch system, when you don’t want to let it reach the home “forbidden”, only set it up before using it. If the power of the machine is used up, its special recharging system requires no human involvement. Upon completing the automated charging, the robot will proceed to go back to the workspace to finish the task set before. You can clean no matter the need to worry about wasting time and money, no matter when and where you are.


That would be another type of robot that can be used for home entertainment. Customers can attach to these robots via private computers or mobile devices, and guide these robots via the Internet to perform. Entertainment robots can help relieve your tiredness. Japan is where the first humanoid entertainment robot in the globe originated. Honda launched ASIMO in 2000, and that is the first robot in the entire universe with two legs that can travel. Sony released QRIO in 2003, which can go strolling, dancing, and even performing a small band.


It is a cooking robot that is multipurpose. A chef robot was on show at the Shanghai World Expo ‘s Enterprise Joint Pavilion. It was wearing a cook’s hat named “Aike.” This chef robot is around 2 m high and 1.8 m wide. Mouth and eyes, resembling a refrigerator, unlock the sliding door on the “Eco” butt, there are many unique cooking devices, there is a bowl, there seems to be automated oil spray, water spray, and stirring equipment, attached to it is a smart The touch screen is on the top, which is also the device control panel.

According to the employee’s special chef recipes set in advance, “Aike” can independently cook a maximum of 24 popular dishes. The robot wearing a qualified chef hat will begin preparing the food exactly as long as you “pay” according to the process.


This is a robot that handles heavy items for household use. The Shanghai World Expo Enterprise partnership Pavilion features a robot with a height of 2.7 meters, a motion of up to 4 meters, and a movement radius of 4.68 meters. Experience the nickname “Optimus Prime” This robot is immeasurably strong and can quickly lift a small car. A small humanoid robot created by France, the home robot Nao is typically considered to have the potential to be commercialized and join the regular family market. The 58 cm tall and under 10 kg Nao robot represents the best of robot design.
The robot with such a processing unit in his head simply covers the secret of all the organs on his head: on his head ‘s forehead there is still a contact detector, his eyes can produce infrared rays, and his ears are in fact speakers. It is called an “independent family companion” since it can be completely configured, with a level of flexibility of 25, and it can quickly create a number of complex movements, such as catching objects, processing images, and sounds, and using the sonar device to sense the ambient environment. Multimedia features include digital cameras with high-fi amplifiers, microphones, and CMOS.


It is a home robot that is set up in a fixed place. It works by embedded software, senses by sensors, and interacts with you during the system. Samsung and LG in South Korea have begun offering Internet-access units: when refrigerator storage becomes low, it can give commands to food retailers instantly.

Mobile Assistant

This type of robot has several variations, spanning from private to military applications, which is one of the robots with the highest potential in the industry. A personal secretary robot has been established by Accenture Technology Lab which can help you understand strange faces. So if you say good morning to someone, this assistant robot can collect the other party’s name in the contact list and low-resolution photos through devices such as a voice recognition engine, a small microphone, and a camera. The assistant will whisper when you meet this person again, to inform you who he is.


They are the kids and tech fans of the future. In this regard, scientists and artists are also making ongoing ways to offer the robot a human appearance, but “humanoid robots” are now one of the hardest to build robots, since everyone likes to see human expressions and attitudes from it.
Expectations for growth: Humanoid robots could be used for enjoyment and for services. Scientists have developed more intelligent software to allow robots to talk to people and to have teaching abilities. The development of humanoid robots is, from a certain perspective, a behavior that truly measures human intelligence.