Best Home Air Purifiers for Bacteria and Viruses

On this page, you’ll find all you need to make decisions quickly about which air purifier to buy. Selecting these kinds of top-level machinery is an expensive process since some of these air purifiers begin at $500 so you have to rethink your important decision. But absolutely guarantee: we will be here to give you specific instructions and our highly qualified top-ranked opinion on each other. I think the air purifier is ideal for all, we will deliver the best air purifier at all price levels. Simply click the “Check Price” button to know the correct price of your air purifier.

Our suggestion of the perfect air purifier has the first-class performance in air purification and it is affordable and secure to use. Many government agencies, like Energy Star (according to the US EPA), AHAM (Household Appliance Manufacturers Association), or/and CARB (California Air Resources Board), have rigorously approved and tested much of the devices. You won’t find on this list bad and harmful air purifiers that are costly to use.

This best comparison table for air purifiers will help you to quickly comprehend the selection of the top ten air purifiers. The variables to be compared in the table here are the types of air purifiers. As well, we offer you one of the most important factors, like room coverage and air purifier filter renewal.

Now, you should check every air purifier’s inspection. With other brands from the same air purifier maker, we will provide all the information about their benefits and drawbacks. So even if you can’t even find your favorite air purifier product in this list, please read reviews of the company. There, you ‘re sure to pick the best air purifier you like.

List of top ten best air purifiers

1) RABBIT AIR MINUSA2 – our champion

Rabbit Air MinusA2 still seems to be our “Best Air Purifier by 2020” champion amongst all air purifiers currently on the market.

Why would we believe this is the best household air purifier system available in 2020?

Rabbit Air has become a pioneer in the air purifier market in the USA since 2004. Of course the most excellent in this is the flagship product Rabbit Air MinusA2, as well as its quality becomes even greater than most other brands in the mid-range air purifier industry. To perfect the product, Rabbit Air created a system of six-level purification and deodorization to make the world’s cleanest and freshest air possible. Let’s immerse ourselves in the characteristics of this best air purifier.

*Pre-filter – air pollutants will go into the pre-filter, where all large molecules, and also dust mites and some pet hair will be collected.

*Moderate filter- captures huge particles of pollen, pet dander, mold, dust, bacteria, and viruses tiny enough to bypass the pre-filter.

*Developed BioGS HEPA filter- this is a true HEPA filter capturing 99.97 percent of all allergens, virus particles, pollen, mold, and fungal particles, with particle size distribution as low as 0.3 microns. Rabbit Air enhances air filtering, thus trying to extend the HEPA filter ‘s optimum filtration.

*Customized filter- Double security will provide dual security for different special needs (like bacterial defense, viruses, pet allergies, deodorant, or toxin absorbent).

*Enabled carbon filter-removes scent, pollution, and chemical vapor.

*Ionizer – last and layer of attack is the ionizer, that can collect and seize even the smallest particles of contaminants into certain filters. Can switch on / off.

Rabbit Air Minusa2 has five different electrical filters and an amazingly strong ion power source according to the specifications, whereas normal air purifiers only use 2 to 4 filters to clean the air. This air purifier does not only reveal a lot of air filters though. Its most essential thing about this is the top quality of every MinusA2 filter.

Not only is Rabbit Air MinusA2 utilized once and it is also pre-filtered twice. At about the same time, use a pre-filter and medium filter, which will decrease the more medium and large pollutants. Notice, the pre-filter of MinusA2 is easy to clean, which can be used continuously.

Real HEPA filters need only to catch particles as little as 0.3 microns in the double pre-filtration and also with the aid of Advanced BioGS technology. More pertinently, the MinusA2 accurate HEPA filter enhances its efficiency and effectiveness life, and can also be used for up to two years. You can lower the cost of replacing HEPA filters annually.

Top tip: Why would you need True HEPA filters rather than-HEPA filters? When should I replace it? This article finds your answer.

In Rabbit Air MinusA2 any double protective layer with True HEPA filter would be a custom filter. If for particular reasons, users suffer from serious allergies or asthma, you can modify to match your requirements. Every other filter (bacterial defense, viruses, pet allergy, deodorant, or toxin absorbent) is designed specifically for trapping and reducing various kinds of bacteria, viruses, chemicals, odors, and allergens. Rabbit Air MinusA2 combined with activated carbon filters made of high-grade granular activated carbon can help decrease all sorts of smoke, chemicals, and regular household bad smells.

As in the last line of defense, also the tiniest contaminant particles can be removed by the ionizer by trapping them in other layers. We’ve reported that the ozone level is about 0.002 ppm, which would be 25 times lower than the California Air Resources Board ‘s maximum ozone safety standard of 0.05 ppm, so MinusA2 would never disturb asthma and respiratory illnesses. If you don’t really like this feature though, you can turn it off instantly with a simple click.

Not only is Rabbit Air MinusA2 strong but it really is the ideal sculpture built in your house. Including Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Katsushika Hokusai to the initial design of the Rabbit Air project team you can select the front panel from many popular creative options.

Modern air purifiers use sophisticated technology, too. This air purifier can be controlled through Wi-FI via a smartphone or voice control (such as Alexa). MinusA2 itself would cover large spaces from 700 to 815 square feet, with advanced intelligent objects. According to the existing air quality, it will adjust the fan power instantly.

Some other thing people love about with this air purifier is its tranquility. Rather than raising the air filter, Rabbit Air has enhanced the fan with advanced technology to minimize noise. You’ll have a silent and efficient air purifier, without requiring regular maintenance.


Top – rated quality

Advanced air-filtration

Intelligent functions like Sensors and Wi-Fi

The lowest yearly total cost of filters and power

Very muted

Save room by mounting on the wall

5 years warranty


Cheap fan power


Rabbit Air still offers another outstanding air purifier. Without MinusA2, we ‘re sure to save a spot on this list: Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 In 2020, this air purifier does have the capacity of the BioGS HEPA filter technology from Rabbit Dust, and its value is nearly half that of MinusA2. Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 has a 4-stage air filtration feature, covers 625 square feet of area, and still is a strong air purifier.

2) LEVOIT CORE 300 – the best portable air purifier

Levoit Core 300 our best new air purifier

Levoit remains the best air purifier brand in every doorway of the USA. Firstly, they get a series of heavy-quality cheap air purifiers, and in 2020, Levoit Core 300 is the new product. Additionally, the air purifier is really the only one that Energy Star, AHAM, and CARB use effectively and safely.

For a strong air purification system, Levoit Core 300 has won the Reddot Award as well as many other world-renowned design awards and is also the best affordable portable air purifier for.

*Pre-filter-This nylon prefilter can trap large contaminant particles. You have to vacuum the filter periodically, as it only operates for a short period of time.

*True HEPA filter-The actual HEPA filter will minimize allergens, virus particles, pollen, and bacterial particles to 0.3 microns by 99.97 percent. Can be made completely customizable:

*Allergies to animals-for anyone who is allergic to animals

*Toxin absorber-used in environments where smoke, VOC, or chemicals are strong.

*Molds used in humid climates, and bacteria.

*Activated carbon filter-very good for odor and smoke removal in the home.

There aren’t many True HEPA certified air purifiers available in this low-end market. Perhaps not that, the Levoit Core 300 ‘s effectiveness becomes even 30 percent higher than previous Levoit LV-H132, and the cost is nearly pretty similar. If you already have a serious allergy and asthma issues or just like to buy the best affordable equipment so this air purifier would be your best option. Its True HEPA filter meets strict standards and can start by removing as little as 0.3 microns of dust, smoke, odors, mold spores, pet dander and particles as 99.97 percent.

Not only does the Levoit Core 300 have internal features, but its fan capacity is 3 times that of the old LV-H132, and it can fill up to 215 square feet (twice the old LV-H132) in greater size.

Does the LV-H132 miss the filter replacement timers and LED indicators? We won’t have those useful capabilities in the new Levoit Core 300 anymore.

We think this air purifier has been one of your baby’s best appliances. The Levoit Core 300’s night light feature and silent mode are also very suited to giving children safe and harmless sleep.


Strong powerful fan

Small size, ideal for table-beds

Typically Quiet


A bit costlier than the old Levoit LV-H132


Levoit Core 300 is not the brand’s sole portable air purifier. There are still Levoit Vista 200 and the Levoit LV-H132, both of which have a smaller size than the Core 300. However, we find that there are several in-depth comparative tests between such air purifiers and the highly powerful ball-throwing core 300.

With the current fall in prices, we suggest you check Levoit LV-PUR131 and Levoit LV-H133 as well. We’ll be equipped with smart sensors, for example, to identify indoor environmental quality in live time, and then automatically change the fan power to change the environment.

3) COWAY AP-1512HH-best performance and value

Kewei will continue to rank first on the Korean air purifier market by 2020. Kewei AP-1512HHH has always been Amazon 2020’s best-selling air purifier, it’s an incredible air purifier and its quality is incredible. We’ve seen a lot of reviewers highly rating the app.

Why is Coway Mighty Air Purifier AP-1512HH so rated highly in nearly every review site for air purifiers?

This essential 4-level air filtration mainly results in:

*Pre-filters-Washable pre-filters in pet fur, human hair, and mold can help you catch large particulate pollutants.

*Activated carbon filter-This filter works the best to deodorize and trap toxic gases to maintain fresh and soft in your place.

*True HEPA filter-high-performance composite True HEPA filter, is capable of trapping up to 0.3 microns of allergens, virus particles,  bacteria, pollen, mold, and fungus spores.

*Ionizer-Even the tiniest airborne particles can be captured by the essential ionizer and sent back to other filters. Can switch on / off.

The Howe AP-1512HHH is no more the Korean manufacturer’s flagship product but this is still the air purifier that people prefer on a limited budget. The air purifier ‘s price is medium because it utilizes advanced technology.

But that air purifier ‘s benefit is its smart function. Coway technology enables its air purifier to modify the airflow speed automatically also according to air quality conditions across smart sensors in Eco mode. Additionally, if no air pollution is observed, the special Eco Mode technology will switch off the fan which is quite useful for saving energy. It’s fair to assume that Coway AP-1512HHH is the perfect quality with efficiency as well as value, so it got an Energy Star rating.

Moreover, the air purifier ‘s room coverage is up to 360 square feet, which would be amazing. With such a strong feature, Coway AP-1512HHH has received numerous certificates and prizes including the British Allergy Foundation’s approval seal, which really is fair.

The Coway AP-1512HH is highly powerful and lightweight. We even have that at home and its reaction to the smell and cooking smell really is one of the greatest after one year of use.

Some commentators have started complaining that the top indicator light is too vibrant to switch off. This is real. So if you experience lighting issues, try not to put an air purifier in the living room.

It goes without saying that this is the most useful air purifier you would get at a limited budget.


Superb performance levels

Advanced air-filtration

Smart features like Smart Sensors and Eco Mode

Low electricity consumption

Small and with light

Spacious 360 square foot workspace

three years warranty 


Unable to turn off the ceiling light

Ionizer gives off a tiny amount of ozone


You also can search for the Coway AP-1216L tower air purifier, which also occupies just the smaller of 330 square feet, by this Korean manufacturer. The Coway AP-1216L system is simply the same as our Coway AP-1512HH. It’s cheaper than the AP-1512HH however.

4) Honeywell’s True HEPA allergen remover HPA300 – high-performance grade

Honeywell is more than just an air purifier brand. This Fortune 100 business, in reality, invents and manufactures electricity, health, efficiency technologies, and several other tasks around the world.

Honeywell (China) HPA300 is also another budgeting choice from which to choose. It has a strong ozone-free air cleaning system which is quite effective and has carried Energy Star and CARB qualification.

*Pre-filter-carbon filter is activated in the pre-filter. It will help to remove VOCs, fumes, odors, and collect larger particulate matter.

*True HEPA filter – The strong True HEPA filter can collect up to 99.97 percent of contaminant particles as small as 0.3 microns, including pet dander, mold, viruses, bacteria, and pollen.

No doubt Honeywell (China) uses the best True HEPA filter technology in the world. Honeywell HPA300 uses only one True HEPA filter sheet, which in terms of ability is still competitive with Coway AP-1512HHH. This True HEPA filter can catch a 0.005-micron virus.

Honeywell combined a pre-filter and active carbon filter to decrease the number of this air purifier. As such, after three months this pre-filter has to be changed. This is a major drawback for the Honeywell HPA300 since the replacement cost of the filter part is huge.

In the low-end sector is Honeywell (China) HPA300. It utilizes very high fan strength and outstanding CADR and ACH to also outperform the air purifier in the mid-range. As a matter of fact, this machine can manage very huge areas up to 465 square feet.

Sadly, this air purifier has a very high sound level, due to the strong fan. In addition, while the Honeywell (China) HPA300 is selling very much to the client, it lacks several essential intelligent functions.

Our opinion is that the Honeywell HPA300 will always be one of our favorite air purifiers to date, and has also received positive feedback about its construction, cost, and performance.


True HEPA filter: High performance

CADR and ACH: High fan power

Low budget

Large room measuring 465 square foot

5 years warranty


The high cost of replacing filters


Honeywell offers a wide variety of air purifier choices if you discover you don’t really need 465 square feet, they ‘re either the tiny Honeywell HPA100 (155 square feet) or the medium-sized Honeywell HPA200 (310 square feet).

Essentially, all Honeywell products share the very same technology, only differing in size and space coverage. So try checking your room area more before buying any Honeywell products. If you really need advanced features, buy the Honeywell HPA250B or Honeywell HPA8350B.

Helpful tip: The model name of Honeywell offers you the air purifier ‘s specific space capacity (the higher its value, the better growing it is). The white version is named after the black model plus 4. For obvious reasons: if the black model is HPA100, and so on, the white model is HPA104

5) WINIX AM90 – unique Korean air filtration system

With over 15 years of US business experience, this Korean brand is the ideal solution for any pet allergy, bacteria, and viruses at an exceptionally low price. Winix AM90 packages the iconic air filtration system for the brand, and CARB and Energy Star have certified and verified its excellent performance.

*Pre-filter – Polluted air will move through the pre-filter built-in. The pre-filter can assist in collecting large contaminant items, like pet fur, and even some dander and skin.

*Active carbon filter air filters in cooking, pets, and smoke can soak up household odors and decrease VOC.

*True HEPA filter-The true HEPA filter can detect as small as 0.3 microns of allergens, virus, bacteria, particles, pollen, mold, and fungus particles.

*Winix PlasmaWave – the very last line of protection will reduce contaminants even further. Can switch on / off.

Winix AM90 has Winix ‘s particular PlasmaWave technology, which can create both positive and negative ions (in a plasma state). This then produces hydroxyl groups to neutralize any form of air contaminants, such as viruses, fungi, bacteria, odors, and chemical (VOC) gases.

The mixture of a real HEPA filter and PlasmaWave technology is why so many toxic pollutants are so resistant to Winix AM90. In addition, PlasmaWave, unlike with the ion generator pump, doesn’t really irritate asthma or respiratory diseases. For this reason, PlasmaWave is known as the best technology against the smallest bacteria.

Although Winix AM90 doesn’t even have the latest antibacterial coating such as the previous Winix HR1000, technologically it becomes much smarter because the machine can be managed by Wi-Fi and Alexa voice control. If you really can purchase this air purifier then this could be the lowest cost intelligent air purifier.

Winix AM90 always has the same fan-power as the past generation, because it can easily cover a 360 square foot room. It is AHAM accredited, has 4X ACH, and a high CADR score and is capable of cleaning up most large rooms.

Last but just not least, we need to look at other intelligent functions, mainly outstanding smart sensors. Combined with these smart control options, Winix AM90 really does bring you the most cost-effectiveness.


Exceptional results

Special strong and secure system on PlasmaWave

Smart features like Smart Sensors and Wi-Fi connection

Extremely quiet


Wi-Fi interface may have problems


Besides Winix AM90, you also can get other outstanding Winix products, including the Winix C535, Winix 5300-2, and Winix 5500-2 trio. They always have the same output as the 3-stage air filter from the product. In addition, users can always get the intelligent devices from these air purifiers from the new models.

And, if you ever don’t like Wi-Fi air purifiers, you can check for Winix HR900, a useful update to the previous Winix WAC9500 (one of last year’s best air purifiers).

6) germguardian AC9200WCA-the most cost-effective

Also in the air purifier sector, the low-end market is still the most competitive industry. Guardian Technologies has been the most popular brand for reliable air purifiers in this market segment. Like an American brand that provides only high-quality air purifiers, GermGuardian AC9200WCA is by far the most reasonably priced flagship product and has carried Energy Star, AHAM, and CARB qualification with high performance, high energy quality and security being used.

The pre-filter-The typical pre-filter screen can catch large particles of dust and pet hair, specifically to help prolong the True HEPA filter life.

True HEPA filter – GermGuardian AC9200WCA uses a high HEPA filter capable of filtering up to 99.97 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns, like indoor dust, pet dander, mold, bacteria and viruses, spores and plant pollen.

Activated carbon filter-Activated carbon particulate filter can remove odor from the household.

UV-C lamp-The new UV-C bulb in GermGuardian does not have to use chemical substances to destroy bacteria and does not contain ozone or chemical spray. Airborne bacteria, viruses, and mold spores can also be killed.

The GermGuardian AC9200WCA is the recent effort by the organization to succeed in the midrange market. This blends True HEPA filter and UV-C light, trapping not only contaminants and also killing bacteria in them. The safe UV-C light will reverse and fully kill the core DNA of bacteria and viruses.

This air purifier, with 335 square feet of space coverage, is outstanding according to the latest fan capacity and has also passed AHAM check. Through a lot of thorough testing, we may verify that this GermGuardian AC9200WCA ‘s fan capacity is much greater than Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0.


Exceptional results

The mighty air filtration process

The best deal in the low-end market

5 years warranty


Quite noisy 

No Intelligent feature


The Guardian Technologies is a pioneer in low-cost, affordable air purifiers as described above.

GermGuardian AC5250PT and GermGuardian CDAP4500BCA are also recommended as regards size. To be frank, we find there is no distinction between both the brand’s low-end devices and just the most affordable offer you can choose.

7) AIRMEGA 400 – Best Buck

AIRMEGA is by far the most powerful air purifier in Kewei ‘s lineup and the biggest cheer is that it is fitted with a max high-end 2 air filter, which boosts efficiency while at the same period emits no ozone. AIRMEGA 400S is the flagship product for Coway till now, but the AIRMEGA 400 standard will promote nearly all the same high-end features at a lower price. First, let’s take a quick look at this strongest AIRMEGA 400 air filtration system:

*Pre-filters – powerful pre-filters that are easy to clean can allow you to capture huge contaminants. Understand to dry the pre-filter in the shade before restarting.

*Max2 filter-a mixture of the activated carbon filter and True HEPA filter, trapping up to 99.97 percent of 0.3-micron particles in the air. This also eliminates volatile organic compounds by over 99 percent and pollution such as NH3 and CH3CHO is reduced.

AIRMEGA 400 inherits the proprietary high-quality True HEPA filter from Coway and shapes it as an optimized, simple to use, Max2 filter. To facilitate the use of ozone-free air purifiers which were already licensed by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), Kewei eliminated the ion generator entirely.

The AIRMEGA 400 itself is an outstanding air purifier, which is not protected by its Wi-Fi due to Coway ‘s weak application efforts. We suggest purchasing a non-Wi-Fi version at a cheaper price while retaining high-end features.

The manufacturer advises that this air purifier will be used with a total width of 1,560 square feet. Indeed, the AIRMEGA 400 has a genuinely high fan power and a 340 dust/350 smoke/400 pollen (cfm) CADR rating. Moreover, it is a certified Energy Star, so that you can run the machine 24/7 without worrying about bills for electric power.

While AIRMEGA 400 does not provide a Wi-Fi link feature, it still has a smart sensor that can let you set this up and remember it. The device contains input on the indicator of air quality and automatically adjusts the fan to match the environmental needs.


First-class performance level

Has the best quality materials

Superior equipment and the strength of fans

Incredibly quiet

3-year warranty


The app received lots of negative feedback

Replace costly filters


The AIRMEGA product range from Coway only has mid-range to high-end air purifiers, and they all work at high fan power. AIRMEGA 400 will occupy 1560 square feet while AIRMEGA 300 can be lowered to just 1256 square feet. Luckily, their prices have dropped, and you can easily get the top flagship.

8) BLUEAIR CLASSIC 605-ultra-high performance

You already have targeted mid-range to high-end air purifiers while you’re already reading. The air purifier, in due to the increased-quality air filters, is nothing other than a strong fan that can pull air from the entire house. The more potent the fan, the higher the device’s quality.

Blueair is a major producer of air purifiers but has been in this market for 20 years. Whether you’ve learned of the well-known brand of Blueair, it isn’t shocking. Now that the Blueair Classic 605 is by far the most outstanding device of all. Let’s take a look at this machine ‘s strong air filtration feature which fully meets CARB standards and is very healthy.

Particulate / Smoke Stop Filter – You can opt to remove 99.97 percent of pollutants including pollen, mold spores, viruses bacteria, dust, pet dander, (as small as 0.1 microns) from particulate filters. Then, the SmokeStop filter, and that is most probably a mix of True HEPA filter and activated carbon filter, would cost you extra.

In 2020 the expectation is that high-end air purifiers only use one air filter. An all-in-one air filter would also make it easier for the users to mount the air filter. By integrating mechanical filtration with electrostatic filtration, even for airborne particles as tiny as 0.1 microns, Blueair Classic 605 can provide high efficiency. However, with all the SmokeStop air filters impregnated with magnesium dioxide and copper oxide, Blueair Classic 605 can oxidize its most popular gaseous contaminants, like volatile organic compounds ( VOC), exhaust traffic, smoke, and smog.

As with the previous Classic 480i, the Blueair Classic 605 has no intelligent devices. However, this air purifier is just $50 more expensive and is the flagship product of the Blueair series’ popular Classic series. The drug is licensed AHAM and can dry 700 sq. Ft. very strong rooms: 400 dust / 450 smoke / 450 pollen (cfm). The fan strength is very high, like the Blueair Classic 605, which has earned the Energy Star award, with increased energy efficiency. Think of it, this air purifier ‘s an efficiency/energy rating is much higher than any Blueair series member.

Not only does Blueair measure the performance of all its air purifiers but that also enhances the smart functions of its modern machines. Blueair Classic 605 leverages the full Wi-Fi to allow connectivity. You would use an Android or iOS smartphone to power this air purifier by installing the Blueair Friend app and attaching it to Classic 605. Additionally, Alexa ‘s voice control could be used with Blueair Classic 605.

When you wish to avoid signs of allergy and asthma, it is one of the best deals you can find.


Rate of success at top class

Requires Wi-Fi connection

Peaking technology decreases noise and maximizes airflow

5 years warranty


Quite noisy 

No Intelligent sensors


We will be providing air purifiers in the Blueair Classic series trying to cover all room ranges. The Blueair 205 Classic will span only 280 square feet. The Blueair 405 Classic is a downgraded Blueair Classic 480i version, which can support 430 square feet. Eventually, Blueair Classic 480i is the series’ only air purifier with built-in intelligent sensors.

Additionally, we are delighted to give you Blueair Sense +, a striking illustration of modern style. You’ll have a Blueair Classic with a much more modern design and smaller room size (186 square feet) with the popular Blueair technology.

9) ALEN BREATHESMART 75I-best for customer service

Alen BreatheSmart 75i is Alen ‘s best flagship product and did win the “Best Buy” in Consumer Digest as an advanced version of Alen BreatheSmart, last year’s best air purifier. Eventually, we have a True HEPA air purifier for the brand with a lifelong warranty policy.

So let’s see if Alen BreatheSmart 75i’s three-stage air purification device will appeal to your requirements:

Pre-filters-washable pre-filters that enable the capture of large contaminants like dust, pet hair, and pollen.

Valid HEPA filters-you can also choose four types of actual HEPA filters:

*Pure – The regular True HEPA filter from Alen BreatheSmart 75i will absorb 99.97 percent of contaminant particles as small as 0.3 microns, like dirt, dust mites, and pollen.

*New – next stage of HEPA filters would include the first Pure filter to manage household odors and chemicals and an activated carbon filter. That air filter is needed for people with VOC sensitivity.

*Pets-Pet air filters would not use activated carbon filters but use Alen ‘s proprietary molecular transfer dust to ensure that the molecular level removes significant pet odors.

*Extreme odor – Alen BreatheSmart 75i has modified the molecular transformation powder in the animal air filter to produce a new strong odor filter that can eliminate odors, bacteria, viruses, kitchen trash, and other household activities in everyday routines.

*Ionizer-Ionizer is used to boost Alen BreatheSmart 75i ‘s performance. Can switch on / off.

In Aaron BreatheSmart 75I, the brand ‘s true HEPA air purifier can be seen as a potential adversary coming into the MinusA2 rabbit air conditioner for the first time. Alen BreatheSmart 75i can accommodate any form of pollutant particles using four different types of True HEPA filters.

It has stronger fan power and a big room of 1300 square feet especially in comparison to all the predecessor products which own its brand. Nevertheless, Alen BreatheSmart 75i is unquestionably silent, with the aid of WhisperMax technology. This air purifier still generates healing pink noise-this intensity has been shown to help you sleep 25%. An excellent air purifier in the bedroom, right?

The tool is also a complete appearance, with 15-panel color choices to match your sense of style, like white, gray, polished bronze and stainless steel, black, rosewood, natural maple, etc.

Eventually, in this air purifier, we’ll have high-end apps, including intelligent devices with LED indicators. It can change the BreatheSmart 75i ‘s cleaning ability to achieve the best air quality while saving energy and optimizing filter life. That’s why the air purifier got an Energy Star rating, too.


Customizable choices for color

Equipped with actual HEPA filter, air purification cycle

Has the best quality materials

Technology WhisperMax-Greater silence

Lifetime assurance

Custom color systems


Larger than standard air purification system

High price


  If you can’t buy the brand ‘s True HEPA version, you can look up its predecessor. Aaron BreatheSmart and Aaron BreatheSmart FIT50 do not have a real HEPA filter but can also remove contaminants.

You can also choose Alen BreatheSmart 45i or Alen BreatheSmart FLEX for smaller spaces. Consumers can believe their purchase would be long-term with a lifetime warranty.

10) IQAIR GC MULTIGAS-high range representative

Just massive machines that can cover large areas have a chance to succeed in this high-end industry. IQAir is such a giant, its creation dates all the way back to 50 years ago, and the American Lung Association is an important member.

Consider IQAir products, that also proudly proclaim to be the # 1 air purifier for smoke exhaust, odor removal, and MCS – IQAir GC MultiGas. The air purifier includes 4 advanced stages of filtration as continues to follow:

*HyperHEPA filter – The first filtration stage has a strong pre-filter capable of collecting 99% of the particulates (as low as 0.3 microns) and 95% of the particulate matter (as low as 0.003 microns).

*Active carbon filter based on filter element-This filter is made of ABS plastic of the best standard and can effectively eliminate VOC and odor.

*Cartridge-based chemical adsorption-this stage removes dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde within the chemical activation alumina particles via the oxidation phase.

*Rear filter sleeve-The rear filter sleeve covers any air reservoir to avoid media dust from being released.

IQAir GC MultiGas does not attempt to extend the range of True HEPA filters by prefilters but uses HyperHEPA technologies to boost particulate matter loading by 13 percent. The result is that your air filter runs for a year.

First, it is their two filter-based adsorptions that remove any dangerous chemicals in the air. This system is assisted by a special, leak-free 3D UltraSeal design that stops air from escaping back into the house without it being forced through the GC MultiGas filter.

The most significant thing is the latest fan which is strong and energy-saving. IQAir GC MultiGas has an astonishingly high CADR of 300 cfm and a strong volume of 776 cfm. It is a powerful plant measuring 1125 square feet. The new fan design additionally reduces the sound pressure, making the air purifier as simple as possible.

IQAir GC MultiGas also has several smart functions as a high-end tool, like intelligent objects, intelligent filter life control, smart timer, and highly developed fan speed range. The air purifier can be remotely operated.

There is also no stronger test to perform at IQAir GC MultiGas than IQAir President Frank Hammes stepped into a smoke-filled room within 10 minutes. We don’t want to check it at home and advise you not to try it.


Perfect performance level

Has the highest quality materials

Superior equipment and the strength of fans

Intelligent features like Smart Sensors

Big room: 1125 square feet

Incredibly quiet

High energy consumption

5 years warranty


High price


When you don’t smoke, you may want to look for IQAir HealthPro Plus. This is considered the # 1 air purifier for asthma and allergies. IQAir HealthPro Plus doesn’t really allow the use of such ABS filters to absorb contaminants and VOCs (such as GC MultiGas) but to clean the air using regular three-layer filters. The discrepancy is that HealthPro Plus is trapping 99.97 percent (down to 0.3 microns) and 99.5 percent (0.003 microns) particles using the next stage of HyperHEPA filters.

IQAir Atem has been one of the best professional air purifiers, at the very same time. This air purifier is compact and useful for the ability to carry around, and the size fits your work area. If you’re comfortable with the high-end equipment at IQAir, you must instantly check the price.

Best Air Purifier Buying Guide

The above is a total list of the best ten air purifiers available on the market in 2020. It will mean that irrespective of which one you choose in the top 10, you will receive significant long-term investment to guarantee your safety. If you’re ever uncertain why you need to use an air purifier, you must know that almost half of the U.S. has a high risk of air pollution. Yes, we ‘re not quite as secure as you think we were.

You will now have read the full best guide to buying for air purifiers to plan properly while making a choice. You would see we made every effort to make sure you make no mistakes.

We believe that this selection of the top air purifiers will benefit you and allow you to make an educated buying decision.

Types of air purifiers

Let’s break down the various styles and words you might encounter while buying.

HEPA: High-performance particulate trap filter (HEPA) can absorb more than 99% of ultra-fine airborne particulate matter. A purifier that has a HEPA filter regularly needs additional filters.

Ionizing agent or ionic type: The current of negatively charged ions impacts particles in the atmosphere. All these turns generate positive charge plates into the ionizer so that stimuli are collected.

Carbon: The filters absorb odors, certain gases, and VOCs.

Pre-filter: This washable filter catches bigger particles and improves stable filter life. Many versions are pre-filtered with carbon fiber, which blends 2 purposes into one.

CADR: Clean Air Response (CADR) tests the pace of the cleanup. The higher the number of CADR, the greater the cleaning agent’s effectiveness.

VOC: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) come from materials such as carpets, fabrics, cleaners, and building materials. If necessary, you’ll want to increase your household ‘s number of VOC sources.

All filters shall be replaced according to the instructions of the manufacturer. The filter is overloaded and dusty, which will lead the purifier to fail to function effectively.

Choose the right filter type

The classic air purifier has a HEPA filter on it. Others may have other filters to suit those particular needs. The terminology and meanings are as follows:

*Pre-filter-a basic feature of air purifiers utilizing filters in HEPA format. The prefilter will catch tons of dust and animal hair to help prolong the key filter ‘s existence. Many pre-filters can be washed and reused, and also have a long service life.

*True HEPA filter-this is the best level air filter for the best air purification system. The filter should comply with the stringent requirements set by the U.S. Department of Energy ( DOE) and catch at least 99.97 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns in order to bear this mark. The actual HEPA filter needs replacing after 6 months to 1 year, and an appropriate substitute for the air purifier must be used.

*Filter activated carbon (or charcoal)-This filter can soak up particles and gases of odor. That’s why the odors caused by smoking, pets, cooking, chemicals, etc can be eliminated.

*Ionic filter (or ionizer)-This filter emits negative ions to charge and collect small particles like dust, pollen, and bacteria into the plate.

*UV-C lamp-ultraviolet rays by sterilizing these kill bacteria and viruses. UV-C (Ultraviolet type C) lamps are harmless to the human body.

*Modern BioGS HEPA filter-a Rabbit Air system helps extend True HEPA filter life.

*Hamilton Beach’s guaranteed HEPA filter-a technology which can vacuum clean its HEPA-type filter, so you wouldn’t have to replace its HEPA filter.

*HEPA-type filter-This filter is a variant of True HEPA filter of lesser quality and does not follow the above requirements set by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Choose the right size air purifier

It’s highly recommended to test the air purifier ‘s size and room power. Air purifiers range in size, and if you don’t have space for a new air purifier, that’s going to be a catastrophe.

The room ‘s capacity, or air purifier availability, is also a key factor. Be mindful that the air purifier isn’t an acceptable size for all devices. Many other air purifiers are designed to operate from 100 to 400 square feet in tiny spaces. You’ll need to have an extra air purifier or a greater air purifier for larger spaces. If not, your air purifier won’t be able to provide the service and waste more power than normal.

Understand some terms in the air purifier

ACH stands for “number of air changes per hour”

The ACH measurement, which indicates the ventilation rate, tells you how so many times the system can exchange air per hour with clean, fresh air in the house. For instance, 4X means the system cleans the air four times every hour.

In the best air purifiers, the rising ACH scores are 4x, 5x, 6x, etc.

Remember, the marked ACH air purifier is generally used with the top speed of the fan.

CADR stands for “Clean Air Delivery Rate”

CADR, the name of the Domestic Appliance Manufacturers’ Association (AHAM), refers to “Clean Air Transmitting Quality,” which accurately states how effectively an air purifier will clean air in a room of a certain size.

For eg, air purifiers with the following CADR cover usually 700 to 800 square feet: dust/500 cfm, pollen/640 cfm, and smoke/500 cfm (or 500 dust/500 smoke/640 pollen).

Understand your problem and how to solve

1. Help you with allergies

A year about 2,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with nasal cavities. Allergens in the air cause serious immune system damage and cause many unpleasant side effects like eye irritation, coughing, sneezing, headache, etc.

The true air purifier filtered with HEPA is your best option. Find the best of the “Latest Allergy Guide for Air Purifiers”

2. Relieve asthma

You should be using True HEPA filters once again. If you’ve any concerns about ions, please instantly stop using ionizer filters. In the list “Best Air Purifier for Asthma” discover the perfect air purifier.

3. Prevent dust

A filter with a prefilter must be used to strengthen the filter life of the air purifier. A HEPA filtered air purifier can help remove quite enough dust as necessary. Discover the perfect air purifier in the “Best List of Air Purifiers”

4. Catching dander and cat dander

All HEPA air purifiers (particularly true HEPA air purifiers) can take pet hair and dander quickly. Consider the one in the list of “One Air Purifier for Pets”

5. Drain smoke and scent 

To help eliminate all smoke and odors you need to look for an activated charcoal filter (or carbon filter). Discover the perfect smoker on the list of “Best Cigarette Air Purifier”

6. Protect baby in kindergarten

Kids are born with an impaired immune system, and defensive mechanisms have not evolved well. They do breathe double as much air (and dirty air), though, like every person. If a parent is allergic to air pollutants, then the child has a 25 percent chance of becoming allergic as well. That’s also why you’d want to identify the best air purifier to protect your baby in the list of “Best Air Purifier for Babies”

specific requirement

How do you realize which air filter suits your family, your wants, and your cost?

*Size: The size of the room depends on the purifier you select. To determine whether the air purifier is powerful enough you need to measure the area of each room. Follow Support directions.

*Portability: Are there plans to transfer the purifier from one room to another? Select “ material which is easy to carry. The weights typically range from 10 to 20 pounds. Look to heavier models for wheels.

*Versatility: Would you like to filter out smoke and hidden particles which keep flying in the room? Choose to use a model that shows exactly the kinds of pollutants in the target.

*Energy-saving: The name “Energy Star” means the product is much more effective than regular ones. Most models have an ambient security mode that stops the fan of the purifier when the system no longer identifies particles.

You’ll also see other characteristics: remote control, timer, handle, a dirt sensor, and maintenance indicator.

Find a purifier that fits your space

It’s a chance to discover the purifier that performs the most effective after calculating the room, as well as the other features you want.

*Narrow spaces: The suggestions for these purifiers are the compact hints with the name “secondary.” Search for small models which have the same functions as big models. Please ensure it’s a washing device with HEPA air.

*Medium-sized rooms: cleaning staff with HEPA and carbon filters may eliminate chemicals and minimize odors to purify the air in medium-sized spaces. You still can discover a purifier with such a size that is compact enough just to sit on the table while filtering contaminants successfully.

*Big rooms: Allergy patients sleeping in rooms between 300 and 399 square feet will benefit from features like sleep patterns. Purifiers built for the living room also remove pet odors inside the range from 400 to 499 square feet. Look for silent purifiers for rooms measuring 500 to 599 square feet.